Reasons To Watch Formula One racing

Within few years, the Motorsports (Formula 1 etc) championships became the most watched sporting events in the world. Do you know, over the course of a season, nearly more than 500 million people watch formula one racing?

In fact, Motorsports (Formula 1 etc) fans enjoy watching high strategy of the F1 racing competition, the breath-taking speeds of the machines and their physics-defying quickness at the hands of the riders. Mainly coming to the F1, here are few great reasons for why many people love to watch it.

F1 racing captures the best of fantasy and science fiction

The main reason to watch Formula one is that this race season unfolds like an epic tale. It takes you to the great fantasy world. The  F1 maps consist stunning history that is the little portions of land where great battles in our history have been fought and where our superheroes became legends: Spa Eau Raidillon complex or Rouge complex, Silverstone Becketts and Maggotts and much more. The setting of this Formula one sport is a puzzling place that only a few people have visited. It is an infertile and open area surrounding the strange devices and secret alcoves where many thing things are kept confidential. In this formula one racing, for fans, rivalries of the sport offer good vs. bad matches that compare to the great antagonisms in the literature. And, just as in fiction, for the superhero, the taste of the victory is great and sweet. However, tragedies often overtake the strong hero. A degraded tire, damaged mechanical part or just a moment of negligence can end a hero’s race or the Formula one season of him as fastly as a sword thrust.

The Formula one athletes are superhuman

There is a high misinterpretation among some people that the Formula One motor racing is not a sport. Most people think that the F1 athletes are the one who is just sitting in a vehicle seat doing, essentially the same routine thing that most normal people do on their daily commute. However, the reality couldn’t be further from the human perception, as anyone who has ever emerged aching and injuring and aching after an hour of kart racing can attest. The number of people who are capable of standing up to the rigors of racing could be quite small, and then the pool of people who can successfully step into a Formula one seat is even smaller.

After getting into plenty of layers of fireproof clothing and the helmets, the Formula one athletes are secured in an uncomfortable manner into their motor vehicle seats. Soon after they have their seat in the vehicle, their cockpits temperature will get raised to nearly 140º F, and then they will be exposed to maximum G-forces that actually exceed the g-forces of space shuttle launches. In general, even astronauts get subjected to this maximum forces of three to four times earth gravity, but formula one drivers get subjected to the maximum forces of nearly five times the earth’s gravity that could make the rider feel as if his head is felt as it was badly torn fiber by fiber from the neck. The driver’s experience this nearly for two hours in one go and that too at a speed of 200 mph.

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