Interesting Facts to Know about Formula One Motorsport

The Formula One is one the most interesting motorsport with huge fan base. There are lots of people loves racing sports and Formula One will stand on the top place. There are several specialties available in the Motorsport racing that makes more fans to love the game. Many people watch this sport from the Television as they don’t get the tickets to watch live the sport in the stadium. There are several interesting facts you should know about the Formula One Motorsport. Here are some of them you can have.

Facts To Know About Motorsports:

  1. The Formula one racing started in the begging of 1920s and 1930s that most of the people don’t know this fact. The name ‘Formula’ is given to this motorsport that it means this sport should refer to the set of rules that all the vehicles must comply with this rule. This fact is kept secret and most of the people don’t know the real meaning of Formula One Motorsport.

  2. There is huge money invested to bring a single car into the F1 racing. An average of 6 to 8 Millions that is so huge in a single sport. This huge investment made people to watch the game. The fan base of motorsports is also high as people enjoy watching the live racing game with special features.

  3. The Formula One cars are specially designed to participate in the racing game. There are thousands of components includes in making a single racing car. It is said that 80,000 components are used to make each racing car. Professional assemblers are used to assemble these cars. A single mistake can lead to heavy damage and the assemblers will take care on every small mistake.

  4. The most interesting fact about F1 racing is that a driver can lose up to 4kgs of weight for a single race. Most of the people don’t believe this fact but it is true. The speed of motorsport racing can make drivers to lose about 4kgs for a single race. The drivers will consume lot of food to gain weight again.

  5. The tires of these cars will also lose weight that when they lose air in them then you will be changed quickly in the race. The tires of these cars will be changed every time and then race will again start. This is most common in F1 racing motorsport.

  6. The championship will be conducted every year in this motorsport and the well experience drivers will take this race. The winners are awarded with heavy prices and the sponsors will also reward them with special gifts and money prices. The winning of F1 race is extremely tough and the drivers face lot of issues while driving these vehicles.

There are lots of other facts included in the F1 racing. You can know more information about the F1 racing in different internet portals. These are some of the interesting facts about Formula One Motorsports.

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