The Best Competitive Sports of Motor Vehicles

In the current world, people are giving more importance to education at the same time equal importance given to sports as well. People around the world love to watch sports events especially competition based on racing with motor vehicles which is popularly known as motorsports. Many racing events were raised based on motorsports that is highly popular all over the world which is been enjoyed by people and treated equal to other sports also it will be more interesting to watch. Motorsports includes the racing with motorised vehicle with four-wheelers or more even bike racing comes under this.

  • In the 1900 summer Olympics motorsport is been a demonstration event.
  • This sport event involves motor racing to compete with the players each other.
  • Many organizations were improved and involved in conducting motor racing events.


The most popular motor racing events of motorsports are Formula 1 (F1), MotoGP, World Rally Championship (WRC), and much more competitive racing were exists. Based on the various motor racing many video games have been introduced even now lot of racing games were available which is liked and played by both kids and adults in their mobile phones itself.

Formula 1 is a single seat auto racing whereas the cars were designed especially for this racing which is an open wheel car with single seat for driver. F1 cars are the fastest road racing cars in the world and the shape of these race cars is entirely different. Formula 1 car racing is an international racing sport participated by the people from all countries and the series of races of this motorsport is being conducted worldwide. There are set of rules followed in this race including the vehicle power, size and weight.

MotoGP is an independent motor cycle racing which became popular since from 20th century and this event will be held on road circuits approved by FIM. The seasons of MotoGP contains 19 Grands in which 12 will take part in Europe, 4 in Asia, 2 in America and 1 in Oceania. The championship related to motorcycle racing has been divided into three are MotoGP, Moto 2 and Moto 3 in these recent years.

WRC is a rallying series which involves car racing on different surfaces not on plain roads with 15 to 25 stages and it is a series of thirteen three-day events whereas it is formed from the popular international rallies.

Online favors in getting updates related to motorsports

You can explore more about motorsports with the help of online as you can see the list of all kinds of motorsports and you can browse about it to know more. You can have view champions of the different racing motorsport events and also can check the schedule for the upcoming motor racing events and can get the passes for watching the event through booking in online before it gets out of stock. To know the latest updates related on motorsports, you can check on any official website to know more about the motorsports events.

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